what do birmingham orthodontists charge for people aged 18 years or older

birmingham orthodontists charge different costs according to the complexity of the treatment required and also the type of brace chosen. The following is a summary of the charges to all adult patients.

· Consultation fee: Birmingham orthodontists charge a cost of 100 dollars in consultation services before the actual teeth problem is handled by a professional dentist.

· Fixed metal braces: For those to be fitted with fixed braces, the cost ranges from 2200 to 3000 dollars depending on the type of metal braces to be fitted.

· Teeth whitening: This service comes at a cost of 1600 dollars. The whole process involves all steps followed in eliminating the yellow colour on the teeth to the white look.

· Fitting of false artificial teeth: This service involves fitting of artificially made teeth. This process is expensive since it involves additional costs like the purchase of the artificial teeth. It comes at a cost of 1500 dollars for the whole set of teeth.

· Clear braces: Fitting of these braces comes at a cost of 2000 dollars.

Birmingham orthodontists services in the dental field come at a pocket friendly costs and the results are amazing.